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My name is Michele Ardito (is it?). My adventure with informatics, electronics and technologies in general starts when I was eight years old. My father bought me the first personal computer: a COMMODORE 16 - a kind of "all in one" microcomputer based on a 8-bit microprocessor. I learned one of the first programming launguages I found on my way: the BASIC. My favorites hobby was write programs to solve some kind of day-by-day problems from geometry to physics or systems to elaborate or aggregate data for soccer bets. On the other hand, since I was young, I love to build electronic objects to achieve a wide range of objetive. During my growth I studied in technical subjects, increasing my background and knowledgment. Currently, from the union of electronics and computer science, but also manual dexterity, I love to create systems for the most disparate purposes and to solve the most varied needs, from domestic to industrial.
I got my first Microsoft Certified System Administrator on Windows Server System certification on 2006. I gained a high level of industrial skills with great mastery of PLC systems of various companies like SIEMENS, OMRON, UNITRONICS, Elsist, and more. High abilities in programming and fault finding both hardware and software with more than 20-years experience, kknowledge of different programming languages including C, C++, Java, Pascal (used in industrial standard)...

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