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Ikea Sun Light animated for Babies – SunBabyNight

Well… yes! Having children and the need to furnish their room, I thought, at the suggestion of my wife to add some effects to the lights of the same: it born soon Ikea Sun Light animated for Babies – SunBabyNight. When I bought the Ikea in the shape of the sunlight. Essentially it is composed of […]

Weather Station with Arduino – the details

Well! If you are here probably you are interested in making a Weather Station with Arduino illustrated in this article: Weather Station with Arduino. If you did not read the article before, I invite you to read it for further and detailed information on the system I will show you in the details in the […]

Weather Station with Arduino

One of the most projects I would like to make was a Weather Station with Arduino. Why? Because I would monitor weather data from a local home in the countryside for our summer residence. Along the renovations and works on electrical system fo the house, I installed a cable ways running from the downside to the […]

Fitness Telemetry System Arduino ANT+

When I was young I used to went to the gym to built a strong and healthy body. During the time, for different reasons, the work and the family catch my free time and I didn’t have any more time for my extra activities even if as soon as I could I often came back […]

Picaxe Automatic Personal Coffee Machine

PROJECT INTRO An Italian Coffee Company were investigating a way to increase global revenue. After a market research, a strategic decision was to develop a never-existed, high quality and automatic personal coffee machine. A long search and development period conducted the owner of the company to me. The idea was to design a high-level machine […]