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Ikea Sun Light animated for Babies – SunBabyNight

Well… yes! Having children and the need to furnish their room, I thought, at the suggestion of my wife to add some effects to the lights of the same: it born soon Ikea Sun Light animated for Babies – SunBabyNight. When I bought the Ikea in the shape of the sunlight. Essentially it is composed of […]

Weather Station with Arduino – the details

Well! If you are here probably you are interested in making a Weather Station with Arduino illustrated in this article: Weather Station with Arduino. If you did not read the article before, I invite you to read it for further and detailed information on the system I will show you in the details in the […]

Weather Station with Arduino

One of the most projects I would like to make was a Weather Station with Arduino. Why? Because I would monitor weather data from a local home in the countryside for our summer residence. Along the renovations and works on electrical system fo the house, I installed a cable ways running from the downside to the […]

Fitness Telemetry System Arduino ANT+

When I was young I used to went to the gym to built a strong and healthy body. During the time, for different reasons, the work and the family catch my free time and I didn’t have any more time for my extra activities even if as soon as I could I often came back […]

Arduino Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer

PROJECT INTRO This is the story of a cheaper Arduino Conveyor Belt Oil Skimmer project. A company involved in environmental oil disaster recovery and industrial filtration processes and a local train company had the needs to recover oil from the subsoil improperly drained down underground. Due to the instability of the oil level and quantity […]

Picaxe Automatic Personal Coffee Machine

PROJECT INTRO An Italian Coffee Company were investigating a way to increase global revenue. After a market research, a strategic decision was to develop a never-existed, high quality and automatic personal coffee machine. A long search and development period conducted the owner of the company to me. The idea was to design a high-level machine […]

Automatic Drilling Machine with PLC

The “Pertugiatrice”, an Italian slang name, is an Automatic Drilling Machine with PLC capable of high precision designed and realized on specific based needs. An Italian industrial company produces filters for a special application like water filtering and/or treatment for industrial liquids. The active element of filters is the filter inner body that is, essentially, […]