My name is Michele Ardito (is it?).
My adventure with informatics, electronics and technologies in general starts when I was eight years old. My father bought me the first personal computer: a COMMODORE 16 – a kind of “all in one” microcomputer based on an 8-bit microprocessor. I learned one of the first programming languages I found on my way: the BASIC. My favourites hobby was writing programs to solve some kind of day-by-day problems from geometry to physics or systems to elaborate or aggregate data for soccer bets. On the other hand, since I was young, I love to build electronic objects to achieve a wide range of objectives. During my growth I studied in technical subjects, increasing my background and knowledge.

Currently, from the union of electronics and computer science, but also manual dexterity, I love to create systems for the most disparate purposes and to solve the most varied needs, from domestic to industrial.

I got my first Microsoft Certified System Administrator on Windows Server System certification in 2006. I gained a high level of industrial skills with great mastery of PLC systems of various companies like SIEMENS, OMRON, UNITRONICS, Elsist, and more. High abilities in programming and fault finding both hardware and software with more than 20-years experience, knowledge of different programming languages including C, C++, Java, Pascal (used in the industrial standard)


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Electrical Engineering Technician
Mechatronic, Industrial Automation and Plants Maintenance

Search and development new solutions to improve efficiency and product quality, process improvements. Skills in process control.

Skills in electrical, hardware and software with high
knowledge of Siemens PLC environment like:
– Simatic Step5
– Simatic Step7
– TIA Portal
– Profibus, ProfiNet, networking and programming
– Siemens HMI

Knowledge of SCADA Systems:
– USData Factory Link
– WinCC Flexible, WinCC Scada
– ProLeiT BrewmaxX

Software development for PLC and SCADA to accomplish business expansion and plants innovation.

TPM Method at Silver Level: PDCA, Kaizen, 5S, TeamWork, AM/PM, Why/Why Analysis, RBC, LOTO.

Other skills
Programming languages and environment like Visual Basic, C++, Processing.
Web development and design, HTML, CSS, JAVA e JavaScript, ASP, Databases.
Graph design in Photoshop and similar tools.
Microsoft Office Suite.
Microsoft Certified System Administrator in Windows Server.

Knowledge of PLC & HMI systems:
– Unitronics
– Elsist Slimline
– HMI touch panels like Hakko, Weintek and similar
– LogicLAB
– EasyBuilder Pro

Skills in electronics and design.
Microprocessors like PICAXE, ARDUINO and busses like I2C, 1-Wire.
Modbus RTU & TCP.

Teaching and training:
I held teaching courses Simatic Step7 basic and advanced and industrial networking to internal and external personnel.

Studying and development of special systems for a specific application.

Some examples in the industrial division are:
– controlling plants remotely via GSM (SMS) or via the internet using Arduino
– PLC automation for glueing cardboard
– PLC automation for stapler cardboard machine controlled via touchscreen
– developed a complex system controlling 3-axis brushless high precision drilling machine capable to drill millions of micro holes per works – it is composed by a PLC, a touch screen and brushless servo controllers connected and controlled via Profibus
– PLC automation for linear automatic mosquito nets machine controlled through the touchscreen, barcode reader with stepper motors

Some examples of domestic applications:
– my own gym telemetry system using digital wireless transmission for heart rate monitors and a gate system powered by Arduino and the main system on PC developed to monitor in real time and record all data
– developed a system for controlling a high-end coffee machine with Arduino & Processing


AERODRONE M4X, M4H for aerial photography

Design, project and realize a fly drone controlled remotely by a 2.4GHz ground radio system with GPS and baro/altimeter capability and a fully inertial measurement unit integrating a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer and a high precision barometer. A flying camera is electrically stabilized in horizon-mode by an independent microcontroller with a second inertial measurement unit.
The project link is a video demonstrating the various flying possibilities.

Other videos: